PTFE Flexible Tubing

PTFE Flexible Tubing

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PTFE Flexible Tubing are available in 0. 8 mm, 1 mm, & 1. 5 mm wall thickness in coil form.

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Product Description


PTFE Tubing and Sleeves


We manufacture and supply PTFE Tubing and Sleeves from qualitative raw material in cost effective manner so that we can deliver these tubing in quality standard at reasonable price. PTFE tubing is flexible tubing that is resistant to crimping and blockage. This is the preferred teflon tubing below 500oF.

 Advantages of Tubing:

  •  Wider Temperature Range: PTFE extruded tubings will work upto 260' C and shall withstand a peak of 300oC for short durations. On the lower extreme, PTFE is well known for flexibility even at cryogenic temperatures, say -200'oC

  • Superior Electrical Performance: PTFE tubings electrical performance is much better. The tubings possess very high degree of concentricity, a critical parameter in all insulating requirements

  • Burst Pressure: Many applications, such as chemical, hydraulic and similar areas, require the tubing to withstand certain minimum burst pressure. For this reason one can use tubes with lower wall thickness, thus saving on cost. Tubings with SS overbraid are also available for additional protection

  • Abrasion Resistance and Flex: life of PTFE Tubings due to enhance reliability, one can work with lower wall thickness to effect savings

  • Smooth Internals: tubings are perfectly smooth and allow easy insertion of members, especially  considering low coefficient of friction advantage of PTFE



Standard Size

3 to 28 mm wall thickness 0.7 to 2 mm



Temperature Range

-200 Deg.C to + 250Deg.C

Tensile Strength

2,500-4,000 PSI

Gravity Between


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